Design of Vote Homes 2016 - a Generation Rent campaign

Vote Homes 2016

Client: Generation Rent
Services: Web Design, UX

In short

After reading an article by Generation Rent in one of the major online newspapers, I got in touch to see if I could help with their campaign for better rights for renters. Vote Homes 2016 was created to provide information on what the 2016 London mayoral candidates were saying in regards to housing and rent, how Generation Rent viewed their proposed policies and how to contact the MPs.

The approach

The main feature of the site is the policy matrix, complete with a traffic light system and ‘accordion’ style interactivity to allow users to find out more information. Each policy leads users through to a custom campaign page, allowing for communication with the policy-makers to put views and experiences across.

A modern one-page website, Vote Homes 2016 is complete with its own blog, events and links sections. It has proved invaluable to Generation Rent as a tool in which to get its messages across.

Take a look at the live site!