Product brochure design for Bft Automation near Bristol

Bft Automation

Sales literature redesigned to help achieve business targets

After years of product brochures and pricelists being sent out to contractors, specifiers and distributors in more than 120 countries, Bft Automation came to the decision that the format they had been using was no longer doing the job.

We worked together to construct sales literature that best represented their product range today to aid in upselling and demonstrating the many uses for their innovative automation systems.

Client: Bft Automation
Services: Print design


“Make it easy for people to buy from us; currently the customers have too much choice!”

– Jim Tommey, Marketing Manager

“Stop people saying, ‘oh I didn’t know you did that’ and simplify the choice”

– Kevin Spinks, UK MD

The 2018 pricelist failed to promote Bft’s products effectively and made it hard to work out which items were compatible with others. There was also a huge missed opportunity in product accessories.

Bft develops innovative access automation systems for residential, commercial and urban settings and applications. More than 500 distributors in 120 countries, with their HQ based in Spain where the products are manufactured.

Working closely with Bft’s sales and marketing teams, the project had the following objectives:

  1. Increase average order values resulting from the new pricelist by 20%
  2. Creatively persuade customers to buy kits and accessories
  3. Simplify the visual design and layout of over 500 products

Process & result

In short, the 2019 pricelist was turned into an effective sales tool.

Products, kits and accessories were placed and ordered in accordance with popularity and sales goals. Flagship technologies were presented in a visually appealing format, designed with choice architecture in mind to guide customers towards complimentary products.

Kits were laid out to prevent repetition, clarify the specs and upsell accessories. Hero pages and adverts were employed to highlight ‘best in class’ products.

A range of print design formats were devised to best represent each product type, allowing for a repeatable design system that Bft can easily replicate for years to come.