UK Investing Guide Launched

I’m proud to announce the launch of my latest side project: a free, independent UK investing resource called Start Investing.

After teaching myself how to invest over the last few years, thanks to some incredible books and resources (mainly written by, and focused on, those in the US), I wanted to give back. There aren’t many UK resources that provide free, quality, independent content focused on long-term investing for beginners. They’re either too complicated, are just created as a sales tool or they teach worryingly risky strategies.

Complete with investing top tips, guides, resources and tools, the aim of this project is to empower anyone by providing a platform from which financial goals can be achieved.

The world of investing was previously inaccessible to the masses. Improvements in technology and regulatory changes means that anyone can open up a brokerage account, many now with commission-free trades, but without a sound investing plan and long-term mindset the stock market can be a hazardous place.

Start Investing teaches how to successfully harness the stock market to improve your quality of life from the ground up. Financial education and the secrets of investing should be available to all and not just something those already with wealth, money and power guard to pass down through the generations.

Content, resources and tools will be added and expanded throughout the year and beyond to make this platform as useful and as available to as many people as possible.

Take a look at Start Investing today!