Stock Sandwich

Stock Sandwich: Turning a Side Project Idea into Reality

The idea behind Stock Sandwich came about around 6 months ago when producing web and graphics work for universities. Some clients were unwilling to put budget into purchasing stock photography and those who did were met with a limited, cheesy selection of imagery.

There were, of course, lots of free stock image sites already out there, but the barriers these sites put in the way of actually getting hold of an image was frustrating (to say the least). Once you actually downloaded the photograph you then saw the quality, which was often poor and degraded due to over-editing, unnecessary filters or just poor workmanship.

As a freelancer, this project would have taken quite a while to get off the ground. Thankfully, the great guys at Little Lightbulb adopted the idea and kindly ploughed lots of time and resources into Stock Sandwich in order to make it a reality.

Stock Sandwich only presents hand-picked, high quality photos from carefully selected photographers. By doing this, we provide designers, marketers and anyone with a need for great imagery with a high calibre and trustworthy resource. We give photographers a platform to be discovered and feature them on the site, our newsletter and via their own profile page.

The leaders in free stock photography haven’t kept the individual photographers in mind, failing them by not providing that real benefit for parting with their artwork and by opening it up to anybody with a camera without any consideration for quality. Photographers then get lost in the crowd and the emphasis on their talents is lost.

Our aim is provide that missing platform that is both mutually beneficial and that gives back to the open source culture we have made use of throughout our learning and development.

We will be improving and adding to the service in the coming months, with features including colour searching, categories, tags and a general search facility, as well as highlighting and giving recognition to numerous talents.

If you haven’t already, head on over to Stock Sandwich to see the free stock images available to download now!

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