New Personal Side Project:

Update: this project has been shelved is the result of a flash of inspiration after seeing the stunning website a fellow web designer had built for his wife to be. I suddenly thought how cool it would be if lots more people had websites for their big day. This way people could give a backstory on themselves as a couple, provide guests with information on venues and timings, link up to online gift lists and even complete it with a RSVP system. User Control Panel Sneak Preview

After a quick bit of research I found that there weren’t many services offering this out there and the ones I could find didn’t provide the beautiful, modern designs I had in mind. So, that night I mocked up some concepts and created a ‘coming soon’ landing page to gather interest. I was fortunate enough to have Cole Henley retweet my introduction to the project to over 3,000 followers and I sat and watched the effect of this via my Piwik app; hundreds of visits poured in and quite a few people entered their email address to hear when the project has been completed.

Update: this project has been shelved

New portfolio coming soon. Drop me a message for examples of latest work. Available from 21st May.CONTACT ROSS
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