My New Photography Portfolio Website

As you may have probably noticed, I’m constantly changing my own websites. Redesigning when bored and constantly improving them. My previous photography website was completed just over a year ago and already I’d had enough of it.

The reason I didn’t like the previous design was that I’d made it too complicated for me to update content, plus it wasn’t mobile friendly. With nearly half of my web traffic being from mobile/portable devices (phones and tablets), which is what most sites are experiencing nowadays (and that figure is only going to go upwards), I had to make it easier for those users to view my photos on a smaller screen. Not only that, but those images cannot be the full-sized images desktop users download. A lot of users browsing on their mobile phones will be using 3G or slower and penalising them for this by making them download huge images is really not on (plus, the load time will be very long and – in a world where attention spans are diminishing – the average user won’t wait around).

These new considerations have led to what is called ‘mobile first’ web design. This is exactly how it sounds; a lot of websites now need to be designed with the mobile user in mind first, thinking about the ‘responsive’ design before the ‘desktop’ design. Not only has this made the mobile experience on my new website a better experience, I have noticed that mobile users are now staying for longer and visiting more pages.

Anyway, take a look at my new photography website and let me know what you think!