5×50 Challenge 2014 Business Cards

5×50 Challenge 2014 Business Cards


The 5×50 Challenge is a fantastic charity fitness challenge whereby competitors run, swim, cycle for 5km, or any 30 minute exercise, every day for 50 days.

I’ve been following and doing this challenge since it started (2014 will be its third year) and in the beginning it looked primarily like just a running challenge, which is why this year the core members who run the event sent out a newsletter to put on a design competition.

The brief was to “reflect the inclusive nature of the challenge” and after a few sketches, the idea of putting silhouettes of people doing fitness activities into a big, bold and blocky ‘5×50’ came to me. I rushed to my laptop, created the front and back designs in Illustrator and excitedly emailed them off to Kelly, who was the point of call for the competition.

Just under a month later I received a late night email reply, starting with “I’m delighted to say that the 5×50 team LOVED your business card design and would really like to use it as our 2014 card” – fantastic! Over 10,000 cards will be printed and taken to running events around the country. Very excited to see them!

Take a look at the designs in detail:

5x50 Challenge - Business Card - Front
5x50 Challenge - Business Card - Back