Monthly Archives: March 2013

Membrillo was a fun project to work on. Chris approached me to create a new website for their traditional Spanish finca (country house), as they had been without a site for a few years.

This is the second design I’ve created for The Bakehouse in Castle Cary, Somerset – the first was good in its day, but was starting to look very outdated and was hard for the owners (Chris and Aunchna) to update it themselves. Being on WordPress, their latest website is extremely easy for them to upkeep and maintaining it will help their position on Google.

As you may have heard, the average web user will judge your website (and your brand) within 5 seconds of landing. If it takes an age to load, most users will close your website straight away (known as a bounce). The most ‘heavy’ parts of your website, in terms of file size, are almost always the images, so optimising them (reducing the file size whilst still retaining an acceptable quality) is very important.